Modern Miracles


St. AnthonyTen weeks into 2013 and I am still sticking with my resolution to recommit to health and fitness.

I knew a fitness tracker would be a vital tool to help me.

If you aren’t familiar with fitness trackers, they are sort of like pedometers…only way more advanced.

I’m not cheap or thrifty, but I do give thoughtful consideration to purchases. I think like anyone, I hate to feel I have overpaid, wasted or thrown away money, so I spent a Saturday morning researching available options in fitness trackers.

I read blogs by fitness experts, techie folks, and a few physicians. I decided the Fitbit One was the best value, and most well-suited for my needs. I stopped at my local Target on Saturday afternoon, parted with my $99.00 and picked up a Fitbit One.



Fitbit One

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One tracks:  the number of steps taken and the distance walked;  flights of stairs climbed; and the number of calories burned. You can track food eaten on the Fitbit website. It also links to My Fitness Pal.  Calories consumed vs. calories burned will be calculated. A complete nutritional analysis is also provided.

It also tracks the number of hours slept and the quality of sleep –  how long it takes to fall asleep and number of times awakened during the night. All of this data is synced to the Fitbit website, and then displayed in graphs and charts, giving a detailed visual of your activity and lifestyle. It is so very cool.

The instructions said to wear the Fitbit One on the waistband, in a pocket or clipped to a bra. Putting it in a pocket didn’t seem very secure to me. Frankly, I am trying to get rid of my muffin top, so I’m not interested in accessorizing it. Nope, the waistband was not an option. I opted to clip it to my bra, since I’m a gal who wears one every day.

Day 1 was Sunday. I got in the groove. Day 2, I traveled to Northern California for work. At then end of Day 3, while at a customer’s, I realized my Fitbit One was no longer clipped to my bra. Somehow, it had come loose and worked its way out from under 3 additional layers of clothing.

I retraced my steps, repeatedly. I searched the parking lot in grid-like fashion, afraid I would find it…in pieces. I was mad at myself, feeling like I had blown  $99.00, losing my tracker in just 3 short days. It was also the last straw at the end of a long day.

I did the Catholic thing: I invoked St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of lost articles. I realize, it might sound silly.  I mean,  it’s not as if I had lost  heirloom jewelry, or a wedding day cufflink (2 days after the wedding, the cufflink was actually found on the Feast of St. Anthony…on Anthony Blvd…..true story), but the tracker was still of great value – to my commitment to health.

I recited a simple version of the prayer several times:

St. Anthony come around, something is lost and cannot be found.

I was concerned about my Fitbit account. I emailed the company, told them that my tracker had somehow come loose, fallen off my person and was now missing. I  inquired about the security of my account. I admit, I was obsessing about the lost tracker, the money thrown away and what felt like my derailed goals of health and fitness. It is entirely possible my lost Fitbit One may have resulted in me throwing one teensy bit of a fit.

It occurred to me that perhaps I was a lost cause, and praying to St. Jude, the Patron Saint of hopeless cases and the despaired, would be more appropriate.

24 hours passed.

Back at my customer’s facility the next afternoon…..amazingly, my Fitbit One was found by a polite, young man named Michael, who was walking several yards in front of me. He stopped, bent over to  pick something up off the floor, turned around, and asked, “Is this yours?” He wasn’t even aware I was missing it. I was overjoyed!

Thank you Michael. Thank you St. Anthony.

In the meantime, I had also received an answer from Immanuel. No, not The Emmanuel, wonderful counselor, Prince of Peace, Holy One. The Immanuel who answered me is a member of the team at Fitbit.

In an email response, he assured me that my account was secure. He then asked to verify some information so he could send me a new Fitbit One, saying:

“We look forward to getting you back on track.”


I read the email again.

Yep, I read it correctly. The company was offering to replace my lost tracker at…. NO CHARGE TO ME.

Well, how refreshing is that?

I emailed Immanuel, thanked him for the replacement offer, and then told him I had found my tracker. I received another personalized response. He  suggested I wear the tracker against my body, with the clip facing outward. Since wearing the tracker this way, it has stayed securely attached.

In this day of worthless extended warranties, automated responses, frustrating tech support and so-called Customer Service Departments, the Customer Support Team at Fitbit is definitely living up to its name.

Now that is the sort of simple, modern miracle I would be happy to see more of.


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  1. St. Martha is getting a few new fans! I can certainly use a little help there myself. It’s just so hard to work, write, and do the ’round the house chores’ and find time to work out and plan ‘healthy meals’. Forget Ronda – help me St. Martha!


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