The Test Results Are In


During my college years, I was afflicted with a chronic case of test anxiety. Sure, given an essay exam, I could ramble my way to high score. But, I dreaded multiple choice exams.

Given the following choices as a possible answer:

A. Widgets, thingamajigs, and whatzits

B. Yadda Yadda Yadda

C. Blah Blah Blah

D. All of the above

E. Some of the above

F. None of the above

I would be frozen in my seat

It had been nearly 30 years since I took my last exam – until a few months ago when I began willingly answering multiple choice questions. On a daily basis. is my proctor, and the lecture hall is packed!


Why do millions of us take these quizzes? Are they merely a fun diversion, like a Cosmo quiz, taken in anonymity in the gynecologist’s waiting room?

Or are we all hungry for some quick self-discovery and insight? I mean, could an internet quiz really provide validation of our life choices, or give us some life direction?

Some of the questions are absurd. (I couldn’t choose a favorite Ryan Gosling. It didn’t seem age appropriate). Some of the answer choices are obscure.

I’m curious if the results are based on an algorithm; or if the results are randomly generated by former pranksters from the back of classroom, now employed at Buzzfeed.

The class clowns and their quizzes have annoyed me a on a few occasions.

I started with Which City Should You Actually Live In quiz. Turns out, I should head across the pond to London. While I appreciate the Brits’ culture, including design, music from the 80’s and The Royal Family; I’m not a fan of the food. Well except for scones, bangers & mash and of course – mushy peas. Frankly, I need more fiber. And sunny days.

Through Buzzfeed’s Which Dream Home Should You Actually Live In quiz, I discovered I would be happiest in a quaint converted school bus. Sure, that sounds positively dreamy to me.

Quaint School Bus

A homemade camper down by the river.

No Wine Country home? No apartment in Paris? No summer home in the Hamptons. Is this Buzzfeed, or buzz kill?

I took the Which State Do You Actually Belong In quiz. Surely, California is my state of perfection. Nope. The state most ideal for me is…..Kansas. Sorry Dorothy. If I’m leavin’ So Cal (no one who lives here says “Cali”) and headin’ Midwest, I’m definitely gonna click my heels, channel Jim Nabors and be back home again in Indiana.

Jim Nabors

I eagerly zipped through the Who Is Your Style Icon quiz. Would I be Audrey Hepburn? Or maybe Jackie O? A minimalist chic Donna Karan? Nope. I’m Tilda Swinton. What a glaring example of self-perception vs. reality. This result disturbed me. Then I got my Google on to search for recent photos of Ms. Swinton.

Tilda Swinton

OK, Fine. If Chanel works for Tilda, Tilda works for me.

After clicking through the  Which U.S. President Are You? quiz, I discovered I am Ronald Reagan. Hmmm… I am a registered Republican, but I am restless! I struggle with my bipolar political personality:  fiscally conservative and socially progressive.

Then, I took the What Career Should You Actually Have quiz. I knew Sales Rep (the title on my biz cards) was a likely possibility. I was also curious if Psychologist or Change Management Specialist (how I really spend my work days) would be the result.

Nope. Not even close. According to those geniuses over at Buzzfeed, I should be a writer.

And it wasn’t even an essay exam.


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  1. You put a smile on my face Anne-love reading your blogs! You should send this to Julie & Judy – they are in Vail, Co. At the moment & would love it if they aren’t on your list. Miss you bunches! Hugs, Aunt Carolyn


    • Aw – thanks so much.
      My sweet cousin/sisters are a traveling party! I bet they are having a great time – hoping those beauties post some pics on FB. Thanks for reading Love you.xo


  2. Anne I have a hard time seeing you living in your bus in Kansas Although your test taking skills have landed you in some odd places, ie. proud student in Purdue University’s School of Agriculture. Once again you have brought a ray of sunshine to my snowy Midwestern afternoon. Thank you so much. Love Jeanette


  3. I keep seeing those around Facebook but I have yet to take one. A converted school bus?? Who in their right mind???? And that Tila woman is too bizarre. I don’t know you well but I am confident that you are nothing like her!! 🚍🚍


    • Oh jump in & take one – except they’re sorta like Dr. Phil – instead of telling you what you wanna hear – they tell you what they really think! I just took Which 80’s pop star are you quiz…fingers crossed that I would be Madonna…..instead I got Axel Rose….whom I can see in the converted school bus! Thanks for reading & thanks for the vote of confidence that I am NOT Tilda!


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