Well, at least one person thinks I’m funny: my sister. Many years ago, she remarked that I was the funny sister. I responded by telling her no way – she is Hilarious.

So now, I’m merely the funny one, because she retains the hilarious title. She frequently accuses me of stealing her thoughts – right out of her head, so while I assure you, these are my words, at some point she will likely take credit for thinking them first.

To date, my writing experience consists of 25+ years of business correspondence, two family cookbooks as well as my actual published works: (5) obituaries, unfortunately all for family members and friends.

Around 2010,  I started emailing my friend, The Laughing Mom with ideas for her blog. I wasn’t trying to meddle, but rather being a friendly ghostwriter. Sort of like a wanna-be comic mailing jokes to Johnny Carson, when clearly, he was doing just fine on his own.

The Laughing Mom suggested I go ahead and write the entire posts myself, and even offered that I could guest-post on her blog…which seemed like the writing equivalent of sleeping on friend’s couch until you get your own place.

Then she pushed me to start my own blog, and even suggested blog names for me… much as a friend would help you search for a place to live. So in 2012 I got my own place. Welcome.

In 2014 I attended the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop, and gained new appreciation and inspiration for story telling.

I grew up in Indiana, and feel I have a definite Midwestern Sensibility, however I have lived on the West Coast for over 20 years. This combination has influenced my outlook many things. I am definitely not a black & white person, and see a great deal of beauty in the grey.

I’m never quite sure what words will end up spilling out of me here.  I always have a wide range of ramblings rattling around in my head. Primarily, I hope my posts are relatable. Whether they hit you as funny, or heartwarming or thought provoking. My biggest fear is putting something out there that might being offensive to someone. If you are offended by something I have posted, look on the bright side: you were here to read it – at least it wasn’t your obit that I have written.

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Thanks for stopping by.


Anne Schenkel Casteen

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  1. Inspired! I am a sole primary caregiver for my folks. Love your blog.
    Dealing with dual 92 kindergarteners……
    Humor and Laughter IS the best revenge……ummm……medicine.


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